Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Complete Keyboard Shortcuts List You Must Have

The Complete Keyboard Shortcuts List You Must Have:
It’s been talked about and covered hundreds of times before, however, we’re tackling this data visualization to make sure you will get the best, and most importantly, complete keyboard shortcuts list.
We can give you many reasons why it is a big advantage to learn these shortcuts but one of them is to protect your hand, wrist, and fingers from using the mouse too much. Yes, a lot of people, including me, have complained about painful muscles and nerves on those portions of the hand. Most specifically the nerves and muscles of the joint between your wrist and your hand.
Here’s another: time and time again, we are reminded that time is gold. This is why one of the most viable reasons you can think of is you can save time using keyboard shortcuts. Especially if you can execute them by instinct. Meaning, you have done your homework by memorizing the keyboard shortcuts. That way, you know them by heart and this in turn will surely facilitate your work.

You probably already know that Ctrl+Z is undo and Ctrl+X is cut in most programs while using Windows (in Macs, these are the same only the Apple Key stands in for the Ctrl button), but did you know you can even use keyboard shortcuts to make your Facebook experience even simpler? The Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet
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