Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time Tested Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People

Time Tested Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People:
Most successful people are incredibly busy. They’re busy because they produce much. Let’s learn from them. Today we’ll show you 5 productivity tips that are extremely effective. As we all know, strategies to increase productivity can be traced back to the Old Testament times. Back then, there were tools to measure the progress of laborers. However, we’ll focus on other ways to measure productivity. We’ll focus on FOCUS. One common thing about successful entrepreneurs is — they can focus on just one thing.
For me, one way to do this is utilizing a simple but effective productivity tool – the classic timer. I’m a Pro Blogger. I write several posts a day. To facilitate my writing, I use a timer to help me focus. My standard operating procedure is to write a 500-word article in 1 hour. Here are my steps: I set my timer to 20 minutes for drafting an outline. Then 30 minutes for writing the post, and another 20 minutes for proofreading and editing. 1 hour flat, 1 clean, well edited post. More productivity tips coming in a graphic published by OpenForum, designed by Papercut from the text of Bruna Martinuzzi.
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