Monday, November 18, 2013

Flowers and What They Symbolize

Flowers and What They Symbolize:
Sure, flowers are pretty, but there is a lot more to giving someone flowers than just offering up a pretty, fragrant bunch of plant stems. In fact, different flowers symbolize different things and even different colors can mean different things and whether you’re giving or receiving a bouquet, it’s important to learn about the meaning of different flowers or else you might be missing a deeper message.
Roses send particularly varying messages based on colors and they have some of the best-known symbolism of any bloom, meaning it is particularly important to know what these beautiful bouquets are saying. For example, while red roses are great for a lover, a white bouquet might send a strange message since they symbolize purity.
Of course, keep in mind that different areas may have different beliefs about the meaning of flowers. For example, I have always been taught that yellow roses mean friendship, whereas this infographic claims they represent love and beauty.
Flowers and What They Symbolize [infographic] | Daily Infographic
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