Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Word: kobold Part Of Speech: noun Source: century Example: (noun) In Germany, an elemental spirit, or nature-spirit of the earth, corresponding to this element as undines, sylphs, and salamanders respectively correspond to water, air, and fire; a gnome or goblin. ----- Example: And all the place was filled with a goblin bustle, trollish racketings, ringing of gnomish anvils, clanging of kobold forges — a clamorous cavern filled with metal Nibelungens. ----- Example: 'Oh, no,' cried the host, quite humbly, 'I will gladly produce everything, only make the accursed kobold creep back into the sack.' ----- Example: When the fortunes of war began to wane, Hitler's generals transformed this into the shorter Gröfaz, a name suitable for a kobold or goblin. ----- Provided by

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