Monday, May 14, 2012

4 Plants You Can Grow Right on Your Wall

4 Plants You Can Grow Right on Your Wall:
Running low on horizontal space in your place? You can still add a bit of green to your apartment by using your wall space to house your plants. While anything will grow on the wall with enough light and water and a wall-mounted planter, there are a few types of plants that are especially well-suited to mounting to the wall, and look pretty cool to boot. Here are a few of my favorites.
Staghorn fern. One of the most amazing plants to grow on the wall is a staghorn fern. These plants grow on tree trunks in their natural setting, so it only makes sense that they appreciate the verticality a wall mount provides them when being grown indoors. The plants are fairly simple to mount (you can find instructions here) and require similar care to orchids, which does mean a little babying is in order. Still, the extra work is worth it to have such a unique and stylish plant in your apartment.
Orchids. Orchids have a reputation for being finicky plants (and they can be, it's true) but they don't care whether they're sitting on a table or mounted on the wall, so long as they've got the moisture and light that they need. You can buy special wall-mounting planters for orchids like this one here, which make it easy to transplant an orchid from a traditional pot.
Succulents. Mounting succulents in a vertical planter or in a wreath is very popular right now, and chances are that you can find a ready-made version at a local garden specialty store or on Etsy. If you can't find one you like, time to get busy making your own! You'll need some sort of frame, cactus soil, and loads of small succulents. Luckily, succulents require infrequent waterings, so you will only have to take your plant display down a few times a month to give your plants water. The rest of the time, you can enjoy a bit of green on your walls.
Tillandsia. One of the coolest things about tillandsia, otherwise known as air plants, is that they don't require any soil to grow. That makes them pretty much ideal candidates for mounting on the wall, as no soil means no mess, and no real challenges in putting the plants on the wall. Driftwood, tree branches, bark, or any other lightweight material can work as a mount. Simply wire the plants into place and you have an amazing-looking display in minutes.

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