Monday, April 30, 2012

G-spot "discovery," gender, and good science reporting

G-spot "discovery," gender, and good science reporting:
Dr Petra Boynton has a very good critical essay examining the media coverage of a study that "proves" the anatomical existence of a G-spot.

The take home message is

- there are numerous conflicting messages about the g-spot, many of them from papers with limitations, all recently published in the same journal

- this is not cutting edge sex research nor the prime focus of what sex research is

- this distracts us from the exciting and wonderful stories and studies within sexology – and people’s daily lives

- this makes people anxious about their bodies, sexual experiences and sexual performance

- it gives legitimacy for untested cosmetic gynaecological procedures to be promoted uncritically by the media

- it implies orgasm is solely a physiological experience that is located in specific areas of the genitals (in cis women)

- it suggests particular kinds of orgasm are superior to others or that you should train your body to orgasm in particular ways/locations

- this discourages us to celebrate sexual diversity and pleasure in our genitals and elsewhere, and find what excites and arouses us
G-spot discovery, medicalization and media hype

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