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25 Synonyms for 'Pussy Riot,' for news presenters who'd really rather not to say 'pussy' on-air

25 Synonyms for 'Pussy Riot,' for news presenters who'd really rather not to say 'pussy' on-air:

This is how I imagine Wolf Blitzer's facial expression must have been the first time he realized he had to read the words "Pussy Riot" off the teleprompter on live TV.

Pussy Riot. Image: Denis Bochkarev
The outlaw Russian activist organization Pussy Riot reportedly chose their name as a clever troll: one of the group's members said she thought it'd be a way to provide English-speakers following their story with a little fun. And she was right. Every time I see Wolf Blitzer say "Pussy Riot," or hear a dry NPR anchor's voice intone those two words, I think I'm going to die laughing.

I asked Twitter to help me come up with some more "polite" synonyms for news anchors who wince when they have to say "pussy." Here's the list, some of which are my own, and some of which you'll have to take up with them.

• Cuntastrophe
• Vagina Riot
• Cooter Commotion
• Ladybits Rampage
• Vajayjay Melee
• Birth Canal Brouhaha
• Hoo-hah Kerfuffle
• Violencia del Vulva
• Frontbottom Fracas
• Labial Lawlessness
• Rosebud Rumble
• Beefdrape Diatribe
• Bearded Clam Shenanigans
• Cooch Confrontation
• Down There Donnybrook
• Labia Fray-bia
• Front-butt Fiasco
• Munch Bunch
• Apocalips
• Moggie Mayhem
• Nookie Disagreement
• honeypot havoc
• Muffin scuffling
• Fanny Free-for-all
• Tumult Near Mons Pubis (*also a great title for a post-apocalypic sci-fi erotic novel)

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Pussy Riot use footage of cossack horsewhipping in new music video

Pussy Riot use footage of cossack horsewhipping in new music video:

One day after a video of Pussy Riot being horsewhipped by cossacks in Sochi went viral, the band had released a new music video in which the footage is heavily featured, amid anti-Putin rhetoric.

And a day later the video was released. But instead of reenacted scenes of police beatings, this music video, courtesy of Sochi’s over-zealous Cossacks, features real live state violence perpetrated against unarmed dissidents. Hard to imagine a more fitting music video for Vladimir Putin’s favorite whipping girls.
Pussy Riot’s New Music Video Shows Sochi Beatdown [Denver Nicks/Time]


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Springpad: Grow Your Own Food: Sp...

Springpad: Grow Your Own Food: Sp...:

The section on growing your own sprouts immediately sparked my interest. Did you know that sprouts are enzyme-rich, high in amino acid (protein) content, bursting with minerals and trace minerals, and are packed with chlorophyll? According to Rawlicious, “sprouts are also healing and therapeutic, cleansing and alkalizing, and filled with antiaging antioxidants. Because they are so high in minerals and enzymes, they facilitate digestion, detoxification, and weight loss.” And they taste fantastic too!
Growing Sprouts
Here’s how to grow your own sprouts:
The Glass Jar Method
There are many different sprouting kit options, ranging from stackable plastic rings to glass jars, sprouting bags, and automatic sprouters. My favorite is the glass jar method. Sprouting with this simple system involves soaking your chosen seeds overnight and covering the jar with a mesh screen and rubber band. In the morning drain the soak water and rinse the seeds twice daily, placing them on a rack to drain during the day. Harvest them within three to seven days. Some of the easiest sprouts to grow are alfalfa, fenugreek, radish, broccoli, mung beans, onion, cabbage, mustard seeds, chickpeas, quinoa, lentils, pea sprouts, and wheat seeds. For most sprouts, continue to sprout them until they have developed a long tail or their first leaves have begun to go green. In the case of chickpeas, quinoa, pea sprouts, and lentils, they are ready to eat as soon as their tails begin to unfurl or emerge from the seed.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Creepy: Company Will 3D Print A Replica Of Your Unborn Fetus

Creepy: Company Will 3D Print A Replica Of Your Unborn Fetus:


We ran a story similar to this over a year ago but this product is slightly different. A company called 3D Babies will ask you to send them between 1 and 5 ultrasound images of your baby and they’ll create a 3D replica which “resembles” your fetus. Given the fact that the 3D print is based on customer submitted images, we’ll really emphasize “resemble” as we don’t except the accuracy to be very high. $200 will get you a small, $400 a medium and $600 a “full-size” 8 inch print. 8 inches apparently being the average size of a 23-24 week old fetus. You can also pick two, uh, poses. Either in fetal position or with arms and legs outstretched.

There’s no contortion of reason that will make this be anything but utterly creepy to us. But what do we know? 3D printing is revolutionizing the world (in a manner), but no one said it would always remain on the good size of the creep zone.

And if you don’t believe our reservations, hit the jump for a bunch more pictures that should drive the point home.




sm3D Babies with bear close up edited1

[ Product Page ] VIA [ C|Net ]

Eco-friendly laundry: 11 Low-tech and simple methods for washing clothes more sustainably

Eco-friendly laundry: 11 Low-tech and simple methods for washing clothes more sustainably:
Unless we become nudists, we'll continue to need to wash our clothes, so greening up the laundry is a must for reducing our environmental footprint.

This Transformable Microapartment Has Secret Trap Doors Everywhere

This Transformable Microapartment Has Secret Trap Doors Everywhere:

The hidden compartments in this amazing Madrid space start with a table that lowers from the ceiling and ends with a secret "tea room" in the bedroom.

If you twist a handle on the wall of one tiny Madrid apartment, furniture suddenly starts to appear: A picnic table lowers from the ceiling, and a bookcase, and a hammock. There's even a swing, and a hidden disco ball.

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